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Flexible Wire or Rope

Some applications benefit from wire being stranded rather than woven into a braid. Flexible strand or rope is well suited to cope with complex flexing movements.

The ability of individual wires to flex without work hardening is why strand is suitable where vibration or movement is likely to exist. The tight bend radius makes it ideal where alignment problems exist or where space restrictions apply.

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Flexible Strand or Rope


  • Extensive choice of sizes
  • Options for bespoke products
  • Current ratings from <30 amps to >470 amps
  • Cross sectional areas from 2.0mm 2 to 150mm2
  • Option for extruded PVC jacket
  • Supplied on reels
  • Option to supply in pre cut lengths

Typical uses

  • Earth connections
  • Power interconnection
  • Applications involving a high level of flexing
  • Lightening protection

Choice of materials

  • Electro tin-plated copper
  • Plain copper
  • Nickel-plated copper
  • Alternative non-ferrous & ferrous materials