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Knitted & Woven Wire Mesh Tape

Knitted wire tape or woven wire mesh

Knitted (or woven) wire mesh and tape has a number of applications but is used mainly for EMC / RFI screening of electrical power, control, data and communication cables and for earth continuity in cable joints. In addition, the springy nature of the tape lends itself to providing a mechanical cushion against adjacent surfaces.

Application is both quick and simple. The wire mesh tape is wrapped around the item to be protected to give a 50% overlap that produces 4 layers of screening.

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Knitted Wire Mesh Tape


  • Standard sizes of 25mm and 50mm wide
  • Ideal for use on complex, irregular surfaces
  • Light weight and easy to apply
  • 10M or 25M coils
  • Option to supply in pre cut lengths

Typical uses

  • EMC/RFI shielding for cables
  • Cable jointing
  • Repairing armoured cable

Choice of materials

  • Electro tin-plated copper
  • Nickel-plated copper
  • Galvanised steel
  • Alternative non-ferrous & ferrous materials on request