In the spring of 2018, to reduce its CO² footprint on the environment, Mettex successfully completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of its facility in Banbury. These panels have helped reduce the amount of electricity Mettex uses from the national grid and aided the reduction of its CO² footprint by an average of 40 tonnes of CO² annually.

To enhance its own generated electricity, and to further reduce its CO² footprint on the environment, Mettex invested in the roll out of electronic tablets in 2020. These are used for displaying manufacturing processes to the Mettex manufacturing team, a process which previously required printing the processes on sheets of paper and storing them in folders. With the introduction of the tablets the amount of printed paper used has been reduced massively and has contributed to a further reduction in Mettex CO² footprint by approximately 6½ tonnes of CO².

Also in 2020, Mettex reviewed its waste management systems. It contracted a new waste disposal company to help significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in land fill. Mettex also introduced new waste disposal bins throughout the whole of the facility, to aid the segregation of waste internally.

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