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Sleeving/Screening Braid

The primary use of a sleeving braid is to provide sensitive cables with an EMC screen to shield them against electromagnetic, electrostatic and radio frequency interference. Optimum screening performance is obtained using copper wire braid that can also be used for earth continuity purposes.

Nickel-plated copper is suitable for use at elevated temperatures and for harsh environments or where abrasion is likely to be encountered, stainless steel or galvanised wire is an option.



More Information

- Industry standard coverage of minimum 90% or 95%
- Wide range - from 2mm up to 70.0mm Ø
- Excellent expansion ratios
- Normally supplied on removable PVC former
- Also available off former in flat form
- Options for bespoke requirements
- Sample packs available for prototyping
- Option to supply in pre-cut lengths
- Screening of cables from electromagnetic,
- electrostatic and RF interference
- Mechanical support
- Protection against abrasion and corrosion
- EMC & EMH applications
- Electro tin-plated copper
- Nickel-plated copper
- Stainless steel
- Galvanised steel
- Alternative non-ferrous & ferrous materials on request