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Custom Overbraiding

Mettex offers a comprehensive overbraiding service to cover customers’ free issue material.

We braid directly onto cable harnesses, flexible conduit, hose or cable to provide an outer sheath for screening or mechanical protection.

The degree of screening coverage will relate to a given application but 95% optical coverage or better is typical.

More Information

- ‘Added value’ service
- Overbraiding up to 70mm Ø
- Protection for bunched cables or flexible conduit
- Custom manufactured
- Cost effective solution for screening/mechanical protection
- Alternative method of EMC / RFI protection
- Screening flexible conduit
- Added electrical and mechanical protection
- Complex multiple branch cable harnesses
- Screening for specialist and safety critical cables
- Electro tin-plated copper
- Plain copper
- Nickel-plated copper
- Stainless steel
- Galvanised steel
- Alternative non-ferrous & ferrous materials on request
- P.T.F.E. and synthetic materials