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Flat & Circular Copper Braid

Flat Braid & Circular Braid

The range of Mettex flat & circular copper braid is extensive, from very fine, single braids to heavy duty multiple braids. The ability of individual wires to flex without work hardening is why braid is suitable where conditions of vibration or movement are likely to be present.

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MBS Screening Braid®

The primary use of a sleeving braid is to provide sensitive cables with an EMC screen to shield them against electromagnetic, electrostatic and radio frequency interference. Optimum screening performance is obtained using copper wire braid that can also be used for earth continuity purposes.

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flexible connectors

Flexible Connectors

Custom made for form and fit to meet individual unique applications. Flexible connectors are made from either braid or strand and suitably terminated. When called for, flexible connectors are supplied insulated for protection and identification purposes.

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flexible busbars

Flexible Busbars

Multiple layers of flat braid are used and assembled in a parallel or stacked format to achieve the required cross sectional area or agreed current density. In certain circumstances flexible strand is a practical alternative. Busbars can be supplied insulated either over the whole assembly or individual layers of braid.

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knitted wire mesh tape

Woven Wire Mesh Tape

Knitted (or woven) wire mesh and tape has a number of applications but is used mainly for EMC / RFI screening of electrical power, control, data and communication cables and for earth continuity in cable joints. In addition, the springy nature of the tape lends itself to providing a mechanical cushion against adjacent surfaces.

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stocking braid

Stocking Braid

Designed specifically to maintain earth continuity on medium and high voltage jointing systems. The braid is fastened to one end of the exposed armouring. The braids’ construction allows it to be pushed back to open and form a cylinder of sufficient diameter to enable the stocking braid to slide over the joint.

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Custom Overbraiding

Mettex offers a comprehensive overbraiding service to cover customers free issue material. We braid directly onto cable harnesses, flexible conduit, hose or cable to provide an outer sheath for screening or mechanical protection.

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flexible strand or rope

Flexible Strand or Rope

Some applications benefit from wire being stranded rather than woven into a braid. Flexible strand or rope is well suited to cope with complex flexing movements. The ability of individual wires to flex without work hardening is why strand is suitable where vibration or movement is likely to exist.

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