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Stocking Braid

Designed specifically to maintain earth continuity on medium and high voltage jointing systems.

The braid is fastened to one end of the exposed armouring. The braids’ construction allows it to be pushed back to open and form a cylinder of sufficient diameter to enable the stocking braid to slide over the joint section.

Having covered the joint area, the braid is then pulled tight and fastened back over the armouring.

More Information

- Sizes to satisfy a range of applications
- Range of diameters up to 220mm ‘push back’
- Cross sectional areas from 6.0mm² to 150.0mm²
- High short term fault current capacity
- Continuous rating from 60 amps to 470 amps
- Option for ends to be separated and swaged
- Custom design available
- Supplied in flat form
- Option to supply in pre-cut length
- Earth continuity for MV & HV joints

- Electro tin-plated copper
- Plain copper
- Galvanised steel
- Alternative non-ferrous