Visit to Mettex from Matt Hammerstein – CEO Barclays Bank UK

Pictured from left to right;

Matt Hammerstein (CEO – Barclays Bank UK), Keith Ridley (Managing Director – Mettex), Toni Tipper (CEO – Mettex), Tina Keohane (Finance Manager – Mettex)

Comments from Matt Hammerstein, CEO for Barclays Bank UK following his visit to Mettex:

“Last week, I spent a day with out Business Banking team in and around Oxford and the Thames Valley. We visited Mettex in Banbury – a business that was started back in a chicken coop 47 years ago, and who’s Managing Director has worked for the firm for 44 years. They’ve been a client of ours for 30 years, more than ably supported by Tony Bullock for the last 11 of those. Apart from showing me around their shop floor (the engineer in me could have stayed there all day…), the team also explained how they are carefully growing their business, and working with us to support them as they do, despite the uncertainty of Brexit.”